Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Spring/Easter (New Year, New Opportunities)

I look at Spring and most notably Easter as the real start to the new year. I believe this is a fresh start to my career and business. I plan on making big moves (Tun it up now..) in this new season here at Kommercial Kings and with my new ventures at Camm Recordings. Thank God for small miracles.



Started Internship at Nautica Pro/ Core Beats/ Cam Studios. Yes , It’s three companies in one all under one roof. I am totally enjoying this internship as I am learning so much. I just want to start doing more hands on. Hopefully this week I can do some editing and practice my new found skill.

New Job Opportunities

This new year brings new experiences. The latest experience I have is an offer for an internship experience at Nautica Pro TV. With this experience comes new work opportunities , new connections and  a chance to grow in the field I am pursuing. I am looking forward to this new experience and God willing to be successful in this new endeavor .

March Madness

March Madness continues as we enjoy spring in the Mia… We are looking forward to a great work week as we continue to stay busy creating these great Kommercials for events in  Miami, NYC and The Caribbean. Have a productive week and thanks for checking out my blog.

New Week, New Work

Today is Business Monday and it means just what it says “Business” . We have clients to take care of from NYC and New Jersey as well as some of our locals. I’m looking forward to a great week with lots of money to be made. I will continue to update and work on my word press page. I’m exited about this week , hope yours turns out to be just as great.

Learning HTML at Miami Media School

Such an interesting format. I have longed to learn the process of creating a web page. And here I am. This is my first word press webpage and I plan on making it great. Hope you enjoy.